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Beatitude Americana

by My Iron Heart

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released May 12, 2017

All music / lyrics written by My Iron Heart
Produced / Mixed / Recorded by Michael Cozine
Mastered by Rick Essig (
Album Artwork by Matt Morgantini

My Iron Heart is:
Jake DeZerga - Vocals
Michael Cozine - Guitar
Jason Mallonga - Bass
Evan Daniele - Drums
Rob Birchwood - Keys




My Iron Heart Newark, New Jersey

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Track Name: Cheeky Nandos
Pandora open up to me. Twirling your fingers through your hair in bed waiting. Tracking every line to map out the stars. Galaxy envelop me with this astral body lying before me. Painted a life in your eyes that blinked away with a tear. Rib-spreader open up with the cold prying metal fingers and show what you hold inside. Be the ringleader baby or be the lion; either way, I'll tame that body and make it mine. We won't soak our bodies in the bottle, only in each other, melding into one. Fireworks to fingertips. Body electric lush. Lost again around that sharp bend of the crest of your hips. Keep me awake repeatedly. The maps years later as I always remembered, beautifully reliable. New scars, yet the same love inside. Make a new start past dead man's curve. The only reason causing the dead end being logistics. The unions have resolved their squabbles, so let's build a new bridge into the woods. With battered hands forge a new path. May i keep you not just under the covers? The world map full of entropy. See it now before it crumbles. Dredge me along the ocean floor, be in the deep along with me. Discover the world, discover the body. I'm no cartographer, nor a deviant. For you I'm just the median. What you need but not much more. Only enough to write another page. Pulse fast or slow, it cannot decide.
Track Name: Mr. Popo
The skyline memorized and laid out upon the interiors of my eyelids as I sleep. Holding words close of landscapes unfurling. I can't stand a view of blank words. A crush developed on the words that I can do something that makes her matter, but her fate is sealed with a letter lined in blood; so here I am replacing those words with meanings like a shawl. "We are doomed”. Barking like a dog at the structures rising. Permanence a pinprick shy of reality. Her body is sacred but I'm a deviant. Scouring resources to develop an image of what we call beautiful. A flurry of hands waving over an island. Waters traversed like the artery's tributaries. Our bodies covered in her sweet sultry blood. We must concern ourselves with bare bones & bare beauty.
Track Name: Carbon Beach
Your words left a sour taste in my mouth. When I can't sleep only thoughts of you stick out. I may never forget those moments until I die. If I take one more sip of the wine I may just drift away. I can't keep floating on anymore. I have to take control and force myself to be even better than before. Maybe one day someone will want me in their life that meant as much to me as the few times we shared the same breath. I'd give it all just to have some sleep. I'd give it all just to have some peace. One day I'll get better. One day I'll provoke myself to do much greater. Being with people that you hold close still means more to me; that I don't have to do this alone. I was hurt, but so were we. Stand together, our scars hang free. The words that pierce hang from our figures like arrows persecuting, soaking every drip of the blood in the tips of the feathers. It's been too long to hold on when the bridge breaks. Just send out a call and hope to be caught on the fall. All brotherhoods tight knit as these will give us solace and tuck us into sleep. Memories of stammering and slipping, the passionate gestures of moving bodies. A sea of hands rolling down the sides of icy mountains with iron insides. Cores being so strong and bitter under duress. A brother in heart, you helped me make my way back from the dark.
Track Name: Transmorphism
Oh dear little bat, like a kite with a sprain you can’t catch the wind. The snowy blustering winds knock you from the sky, as you try to seek shelter. Sometimes the weakened need a hand. Retrieve her from the snow, have to get her to the hospital. Transformed into beauty never before seen. Shed a layer to keep her thin body covered. She clutches like a bat, now human, but still an animal she acts. Getting back to warmth she catches glimpse in all mirrors. She knows she is beautiful. Elated. Free of wings. Free of snow. Free of cold hearts. I will make you warm. Now that you can’t go back to flying crooked to make a path home.